What is Ebb and Flow Breathing Technique ®?

What is Ebb and Flow Breathing Technique ®?

A one-of-a- kind 3-minute breathing practice. You are not only breathing, but you are also moving and increasing the awareness of the balanced self in the NOW. Active Mindfulness ®:

  • Your hands are moving as if they are waves towards each other and away in cadence with your breath along with a uniquely designed musical format.A ClyStik® is used to balance and separate the equal bilateral divide of the mind body connection.
  • The Breathing Rhythm Beat™ keeps you in flow with your breathing as well as your movement.
  • The pressure your hands put on the ClyStik® keeps you connected the entire 3 minutes.
  • The artwork where the ClyStik® was created gives you a focus point.Your eyes can be open or closed, it’s up to you.
  • You are moving and listening to the pace of your breath!

To use the 4-1-4 technique within the Breathing Rhythm Beat® (frequency and sound cadence).

  1. Find a quiet place or better yet, put in your earbuds or headphones and be ready to push play.
  2. Push play.
  3. Put the Clystik® in between your hands right in the center of your palms.
  4. Empty the lungs before you begin, this is a belly breathing Push your gut out, let it go!!
  5. Mirror the model and take your first relaxed breath in through the nose the hand movements forward as if they are waves being pulled together.The hands and breath are one.
  6. Breath in through the nose for a total of 4 count.
  7. Pause for one.
  8. Exhale for a count of 4 as you tighten your abdominal muscles.Your hands are moving in motion with your breath as if they are waves going back to the sea.
  9. Pause for one.
  10. Remember to keep your arms to your sides and your back straight.

Why the Pause in the Breathing Rhythm Beat ® (frequency and sound cadence)

  1. Awareness
  2. Time to Level your Angle™ and balance your body to the movement.
  3. Letting Go (Deeper mind drift)

Ebb and Flow: In and out. Air, water, movement… In sync. Create awareness of self, so you can …. Take two unconscious, involuntary, and automatic systems (cardiovascular and pulmonary) and make them conscious. You are also slowing yourself down so that you can let go…. “Pause your mind”™.




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