Our Team

Above all, our team is a community devoted to cooperative execution of the Center of Self. Using the Center of Self model, we are working with certified Voyage Guides to bring our mission to the world, creating a nationwide community of Voyagers on the journey to their own Center of Self. Long term, we are looking to create a lasting impact with our mutual vision.   

Steve Stephens - CEO & Founder



I created Clyfit out of my own Sensory Imbalance Footprint. I wanted to know, in order to let go.  So I created the Center of Self Model and everything I could have imagined to Exclude No One in a design to Simplify the Mind Body Connection. In other words.... I went to the "thought" itself and then worked outwards so that individuals can focus through movement and let go at the same time. 

From swimming 24 hours, being a combat medic, and walking on a Pac-12 basketball team.. The mind can drive one to focus and overcome, however.. all we are is one thought at a time.

Mindfulness Bro Dude,


Steve Stephens, Founder


Mike Willson - Voyage Beats Music Director

 Mike Willison is the music of Cly FIt. That is to say that the music that is Voyage Beats is made possible by how Mike translates Steve’s ideas of Center of Self, of balance and imbalance, and of Peak, Pocket and Tube, and turns them into music. The idea has always been to create music that is an extension of the voyage being experienced while doing the movements, but is also something that can exist quite on its own, taking the listener somewhere else, where they can find their own center. Steve and Mike found kinship through Cly Fit, the ideas created by Steve having a special resonance for Mike that sparked a new musical curiosity that had been looking for a way to be expressed. Mike has been playing music, writing music, and performing music for over 35 years, and brings a careful, creative ear to Voyage Beats, using field recordings, found sounds, vintage and modern keys and synths, and a range of virtual and acoustic instruments to create Voyage Beats. The voyages are endless in terms of musical possibilities, and it is that unexplainable desire to reach for the next voyage, and yet be able to be brought back to a place of comfort and ease when listening back to other pieces of music that is so very important to Mike, and also to how these Voyage Beats are intrinsically linked to all of the principal tenets of Cly FIt. Mike lives in Beaverton, Oregon with his wife and their two teenage children. 

Rachel Musich - Content & Art Director

 Rachel Musich is a freelance writer with a strong creative streak and a few creative writing awards under her belt. She loves to bring creative visions to life and provide bridges between different perspectives. Mindfulness is a huge part of her life, and working to bring a new perspective to the mindfulness community is in complete alignment with her passions. As part of the Clyfit team, she connects Clyfit's mission and philosophy to you, the reader, through its blog and messaging.
Rachel Musich, Content and Art Director

Nedrick McLaren - Web Design & Creator

 Ned Mclaren is currently the man with many hats when it comes to the technical aspects of Clyfit. Ned is the technical director and  advisor, lead web admin, graphic designer and video editor. There are other roles that Ned holds in regards to clyfit but at the moment the ones mentioned are the most critical to the momentum of the  team.
Nedrick McLaren, Web Designer