Our Mission

We at Clyfit® want to create an inclusive community that spreads mindfulness worldwide through our Voyage Guides. Exclude No One® is an important principle for our [Active Mindfulness®] practice, which is exemplified by the ease in which [Clyfit] is practiced by Voyagers™ with all ability levels and from all walks of life. We hope that, by introducing the [Center of Self®] philosophy and the [Active Mindfulness] practice of Clyfit with the Voyage Guide Certification, we will create a positive ripple of conscious thought and action that allows people to Simplify the Mind Body Connection®. By doing this, the [Clyfit community] is essential to creating positive change, as we work together to impact each of our local communities using the benefits and balance we achieve during our Clyfit practice. The first impact we are making is through our [Mindfulness Footprint®] hikes, which you can learn more about here.  


Check out what our Mindfulness Footprint Meetup is up to!


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