About Clyfit

[Clyfit] aims to Pause your Mind® and create a sense of peace amid the noise of everyday life. The Active Mindfulness practice incorporates Body Movements along with a Cly Stik® While listening to [Voyage Beats®]. “Focus Through Movement'' and [Center of Self®] philosophy allows the individual to use their sense of sight, sound, and touch to attain the present  and lower their brain wave frequency, increase coordination, and center one's well-being through the art of both the Practice as well as the Cly Stik itself. With four directions of movements that challenge all levels of fitness, it combines the senses of sight, sound, and touch in a way that allows an individual to practice within a class or alone and sitting or standing up, and works for those of us with challenges and those who simply want to find peace in the moment.

"The goal is to Exclude No One®, to renew the mind, and to help ease anxiety. From the hand painted Cly Stik to the vision-infused variations of the Voyage Beats, I want to believe that the practice can change your life. I know that it has changed mine. The creation was out of a necessity for peace of mind, and I wanted to create something for the world to assist them in pushing the 'Pause' button on thinking in order to focus on being, not doing." -  Steve Stephens, founder

Want to learn more about Clyfit and its mission? [Start here and learn about how you can practice Clyfit now!] 

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