What is Mindfulness Footprint?


What is Mindfulness Footprint?

In any new endeavor, learning the skills is the first step, and then we need a way to practically apply those skills in our daily life. Mindfulness Footprint is the first lesson in how to take Center of Self and Ebb & Flow into the reality of our lives.

Every Mindfulness Footprint meetup is a ninety minute nature walk, with three pauses where a beautiful view or looking point. During each pause, we are free to experience the moment in whichever way you choose. This can range from talking about your thoughts, doing a short Clyfit session, Ebb & Flow Breathing meditation, to a general silent meditation.

At some point during your Mindfulness Footprint experience, there is also a nine to fifteen intentional silent walking portion, intended for a walking meditation where the Center of Self philosophy can be applied.

The intention for a Mindfulness Footprint is to provide an opportunity for the practical application of Clyfit practices in our daily life, so we can observe ourselves within the greater picture of the changing world and its community.

How can Mindfulness Footprint Change your Life?

Much like how Clyfit and consistent practice through Clyfit classes will develop the skills to experience living rather than going through the motions while distracting yourself, Mindfulness Footprint will develop the daily habits for applying those skills.

Weekly meetups for a Mindful experience with others in nature will expose you to how you can connect with others on this Voyage, both socially and with awareness and true experience. Practicing engaging with the world and community around you with the Eye of the Rose and Center of Self in mind will deepen the neural pathways in your brain that you started to carve out with consistent practice through Clyfit.

When you deepen those neural pathways, you make experiencing your world with sustainable awareness, hope, and non-judgement more and more possible.

How can You get Started with Mindfulness Footprint?

Would you like to know more about including mindfulness in your hikes or walks? Check out our related post, 6 Ways to Hike Mindfully! It is full of ideas and benefits of hiking mindfully and is sure to further your journey toward a daily mindfulness practice. 


You can join us on  local Mindfulness Footprint Meetups in the Portland Metro, Oregon!

If you don't live in the Portland area, there are several ways you can join the Voyage toward sustaining your experience. You can join the Clyfit community by becoming a Voyage Guide and start to build the movement in your own area, or you can start your own personal practice using the steps outlined above!

We also have created a Mindfulness Footprint Journal to aid you in applying your skills in your inner Voyage. Check them out in our Products Page!


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