What is Center of Self?


Understanding Your Center of Self

        Your Center of Self is a thought–the starting point for sustaining your forward momentum toward a more engaged connection between you and your life. Or, to put it simply, it will start you on your path toward a more mindful life through awareness of your thought. Maintaining this mindful presence of thought will carry you more effectively toward your own ideal life and goals, and it will allow us to make a positive impact on our larger community.

There are always going to be obstacles in life, and the same is true for your mindful journey. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your forward momentum will not be a continuous upward slope. Instead, it will resemble a series of hills, with peaks and valleys. It is in this reality that your Center of Self will aid you, as it will give you a focus and skill you can fall back on to realign yourself on your path forward. 

        Where do you start? As it is with any new skill, the starting point is to commit to being gentle with yourself as you make mistakes and fall off the wagon. Learning about Center of Self is essential to maintaining your momentum toward your ideal life, and should be considered another tool in your belt, and sometimes it takes keeping the tool front and center to remind yourself to use it. Joining our Clyfit community will help to keep this in the forefront of your mind!

 How to Discover Your Center of Self?


  • Step One: Observe Your Environment
    • Your environment influences you in a very obvious way. The people you interact with can affect your life choices through peer pressure and external examples. Your living situation can affect you in a variety of ways, ranging from available conveniences to noises intruding on your sleep.  When you take a moment to observe what is around you and how it might be influencing you, you grab hold of the ability to make choices about who and what you want around you. Pay attention to your senses and what they are telling you about your environment.
  • Step Two: Pay Attention to Your Body
    • The choices that you make regarding your environment will directly affect your internal systems. By shifting your attention to your body, you will be able to change both your internal and external experiences. If you are physically sick or malnourished, you are literally incapable of providing enough excess energy to take action toward your goals. You are also much more likely to have negative thoughts regarding your current state. If you pay attention to the more subtle cues from your body, you can take an active role toward wellness. In so doing, you can direct your thoughts toward positive action, rather than stagnancy. Here, pay attention to how well your body is working for you, and how you can improve its performance.
  • Step Three: Take Stock of Your Internal World
    • Physical wellness does not stop with bodily health. Mental health is an essential component to the Center of Self, but it is by no means the only factor in your internal world. Both energetic pathways in your body and habitual pathways within your brain can affect how your thoughts can drive your focus and external habits. There have also been studies on how your thoughts can affect your physical health. Practices like Clyfit and listening to Voyage Beats can aid you in consciously directing your thoughts, and therefore, your body and environment. By creating an awareness of your conscious thoughts and state of mind, you will be able to better cultivate the inner world that will take you toward your ideal life. 


The Last Thing you Need to Know about your Center of Self

Essentially, your Center of Self is the thought driving your actions toward or away from your ideal life. When you take an active role in your internal world, you inevitably take active roles in the other two main aspects of your life, and taking control over your thoughts will allow you to respond to your world rather than react to it. 

If you'd like to know more about how Center of Self can take you toward an Intentional Life, check out the next post in this series!

The Center of Self is just the first step on this journey toward an intentional life! Clyfit, Mindful Footprint, and The Clyfit Community are all more ways you can move mindfully toward your ideal future. If you are interested in a simple guide that will take you from a blank page to a clear path, click the link below to download our Guide to an Intentional Life.

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