What are Voyage Beats?


What are Voyage Beats?

Everybody has a unique Center of Self, and, therefore, a unique perspective on how they will move forward with their Voyage. There is one constant in all experiences, however, and that is that the beginning stages are the hardest to master. When we come from a place of using distraction or mindlessness as a method of escaping our thoughts, the idea of learning to fully experience those thoughts is a pipedream at best and frightening at worst. Using an aid to focus while practicing our skills is essential to any Voyage, and in Clyfit we have the Cly Stik, mat, and Voyage Beats.

Each Voyage Beat is created to help guide you on the Voyage through each stage of movements in Clyfit. Some will calm your mind, which will aid in focusing during the slower movements, and some will hype you up, which will aid in the more intense movements.

Created with our neural network in mind, Voyage Beats use frequencies of sound to move our neural frequency toward the state of mind we wish to have. Binaural Beats are a key ingredient in this process, but, Voyage Beats creator, Mike Curtis also uses various musical instruments to enhance the Clyfit experience.

How do Voyage Beats help on your Clyfit Voyage?

Voyage Beats help to snap your brain frequency immediately into the state it needs to be to achieve growth in your Clyfit Voyage. Studies of the various states of the brain have observed that each state has its own frequency range. When you are sleeping, your brain operates at a very different frequency to when you are focused, for example.

With 9-minute segments of binaural beats combined with music, Voyage Beats uses the science of sound frequency to push the brain's neural frequency toward the range it needs to be to achieve success in various stages of this Voyage. If you are feeling stressed, using Voyage Beats will move your brain frequency toward a more relaxing state. If you are sluggish, Voyage Beats can also help to make you more alert! 

Can you use Voyage Beats outside of Clyfit?

You can absolutely use Voyage Beats independently of a Clyfit class! They are very useful to Pause your Mind during any moment of chaos or distraction and recenter your focus on your Center of Self in order to sustain your awareness of the experience. This will sustain your ability to achieve presence of mind and acceptance of every part of your Voyage.

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