Voyage Beats Beyond Clyfit

Voyage Beats Beyond Clyfit
        If you have read the first post in this series, What are Voyage Beats?, you'll know that Voyage Beats are a combination of binaural beats and music that are used to aid your mind in becoming centered during your Clyfit practice. You will also know that you can use Voyage Beats outside of Clyfit. However, if Voyage Beats are intended to be used for a mental aid for focus and centering yourself within Clyfit, what exactly do Voyage Beats do for you outside of Clyfit?
        Voyage Beats were created for more than just to act an as aid in meditation and meditative acts. The flow of beats and music were arranged to take you on a journey of the senses and of thought. They were intended to evoke a walk along a flowing river or an experience of the wind rushing across the plains. These simple experiences come with powerful emotions and can create the right circumstances for deep personal revelations or simple relaxation. Using Voyage Beats will help you achieve any of these results, whichever one you intend for the moment.
When might Voyage Beats be Beneficial to You?
        We all have moments when we are overwhelmed and aren't able to stop and take the load off of our shoulders. In those moments, putting in our earbuds and picking our favorite Voyage Beats track actually slows our mind down using the science behind binaural beats and the journey of the music so we are able to keep it together while doubling down on our focus. This potent combination will eventually allow your brain to follow the path toward relaxation and focus quicker and with less stimulation to trigger the mindful moment. The less stimulation needed to trigger relaxation, the easier it will be to keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed!
        Using Voyage Beats while working will also enhance our focus, and keep the stress from building up. Having a quick hack to jumpstart a flow state is a big boon for those of us who need assistance in that area. Sometimes the To Do lists can run in our brains while we are trying to focus on one thing at a time. Using Voyage Beats to assist you in the moments where you need a little focus will ultimately train your brain to focus without associating that focus with stress, which is always a good thing.
        Another way that Voyage Beats can help you in your life outside of Clyfit is a simple boost to our state of mind while in a moment where we mind find ourselves drifting or finding busy work. Waiting for your boarding time at Gate 14 could be a great moment to sink into a sense of presence with yourself instead of finding a quick distraction to ease boredom. Putting on a track of Voyage Beats in that moment would provide all the standard benefits of a mindfulness practice--uplifted mood, increased focus, decreased stress--along with creating a simple, easy to manage habit of peace and mindfulness in the moments where you find yourself with nothing to do.
Where can You Find Voyage Beats?
        If you're looking to have a private copy of Voyage Beats to access whenever you want or need them, you can find our tracks on our Voyage Beats products page. Alternatively, Voyage Beats is on Spotify, on Apple Music, and on Amazon Music, where you can stream or download them at any time of the day. Check back regularly to listen to new tracks as we make them! We are also working to add them to Instagram Music, so you can use them in your reels!
        Wherever you find your Voyage Beats, adding them into your mindfulness practice is what will keep you progressing forward, so make sure to experiment with the ways to add them into your daily life, as mentioned above in this article. Head on over to our Instagram and comment with your successes and struggles! We'd love to create a conversation to support the practice of mindfulness in our community.
        If you'd like to know more about creating an intentional life through mindfulness, we invite you to explore our blog for more ways you can improve your life with mindfulness. ClyfitMindful Footprint, and The Clyfit Community are all more ways you can move mindfully toward your ideal future. If you are interested in a simple guide that will take you from a blank page to a clear path, click the link below to download our Guide to an Intentional Life.