The Eye of the Rose: A Vision


What is the Eye of the Rose?

When you start on a mindfulness journey, you typically expect to end up in a place of peace and growth. This focus on the destination is very common, and not necessarily a bad thing--you need a goal in order to have a direction! However, the beautiful part of any journey is the ability to step back from the goal and appreciate the daily impact your journey is having on your life and the lives of those around you.

In the Clyfit Voyage, the practices of Pause Your Mind, Ebb & Flow Breathing, and Voyage Beats, along with the practical application of these with our Mindfulness Footprint program, getting in touch with your Center of Self creates an awareness and peace that connects you to others on a very high level. The connection you create with your Center of Self allows you acceptance of yourself and others along the Voyage of life, which will turn our habit of forming opinions and judgements about our Voyage into a sense of peace in simply experiencing it.

This experience of ourselves and others--when we focus on the experience rather than the goal--is the Eye of the Rose.

How can the Eye of the Rose create a worldwide impact?

In the world at large, cooperation is necessary to creating change on a worldwide scale, and having a mindset of hope and growth is the key to working with others toward a common goal. Focusing on the Center of Self and the center of our experience in life brings our awareness to the beauty of our Voyage rather than its struggles. This is so essential to the mindset of growth because it allows us to see what is worth fighting for, which not only gives us hope for the future, it gives us an ability to see that which is already worthy of appreciation and hope in our current lives.

When we build a community of people who are seeking to experience their lives rather than judge it, we are creating a force of positive change on a massive scale. We move from fearing the world to appreciating its diversity, which allows us to lift one another up and help each of us on our individual Voyages. This collective experience of mutual recognition and support creates a communal Voyage toward a sustainable future for us all.

How can you get involved with the Clyfit Community?

When you join one of our Clyfit classes or Mindfulness Footprint experiences, you are choosing to embark on your own Voyage toward experiencing your life in all its abundance and hope by building the skills of Pausing your Mind, Ebb & Flow Breathing, and finding your Center of Self.

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