Ebb & Flow Breathing Technique


What is Ebb & Flow Breathing Technique™?

The Ebb & Flow of our Breathing should mirror the Ebb & Flow of waves in the ocean. To aid in this visualization, we mimic the waves with our fingers while holding the Cly Stik during this Breathing Meditation, slowly curling them toward each other, and then pulling them back away from each other. This movement provides an additional focus for us to concentrate on the timing of our breath.

The technique starts with a full release of a breath using the strength of our abdominal muscles. Then we take an inhale to the count of 4 while curling our fingers toward each other. Pausing for one count at the top of the breath, we then start to pull the fingers back along their "wave" while exhaling to the count of 4. Pause again for another count of one, before repeating the process for a three minute meditation.

How can Ebb & Flow Breathing help you Experience your Life?

The use of the Ebb & Flow breathing technique will not only help you focus on your breathing, which in itself is proven to calm your mind and release tension, but you are also moving and increasing your awareness of your balanced self--both physically and mentally--in the present moment.

The use of the Cly Stik aids you in staying connected for the entire three-minute meditation--connected to the meditation and to the balance within your body during the meditation--while the Breathing Rhythm Beat keeps you in flow with your breath and the movement.

Why do we pause at the top and bottom of the breath? It gives us the time to Pause the Mind, create awareness, and balance our body through the movement.

This whole meditation is aimed at creating an awareness of yourself so you can become consciously aware of two normally unconscious, automatic bodily systems (cardiovascular and pulmonary). You are slowing yourself down so you can let go and Pause your Mind!


Where can you practice the Ebb & Flow Breathing Technique?

You can use this technique during your Clyfit classes, during particularly chaotic moments when you feel the need to re-center yourself, and on its own with the Breathing Rhythm Beats for a quick three-minute meditation. You can even repeat the meditation for a six or even nine-minute meditation!

However you choose to utilize this powerful technique, it will certainly aid your process of building awareness of your Center of Self and conscious creation of your Voyage through life.



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