Beginner's Guide to Clyfit

What is Clyfit? 

    Clyfit is an Active Mindfulness practice that aims to Pause your Mind in order to invite in a sense of peace in the experience of life. It uses body movements, centered around the Cly Stik as a conduit to create awareness and balance within the body and mind. Voyage Beats act as an aid to focus and engagement in Taking a Voyage toward a better state of mind. Through that, you will be able to move toward a better life more easily.

Clyfit utilizes two main philosophies to achieve these goals: Center of Self and Focus through Movement. Each of these addresses the need for awareness within the mind from different perspectives, and they converge within Clyfit through the Clystik and the Ebb & Flow Breathing technique. These aid a busy mind in focusing on awareness via the conduits of the Clystik and the breath.

    Clyfit has four groups of movements that allow people of all ability levels to participate in Active Mindfulness. Exclude No One is the founding principle of Clyfit, and it has been woven throughout its philosophy and practice so that we not only create a community of inclusiveness in our inner world, we are able to create this inclusiveness in the world at large. 

How to Get Started in Clyfit

    What do you need to get started? Simply put, all you need to get started is access to the Clyfit Movement Library, a Clystik, and a Clyfit Mat. And you can choose to practice Clyfit by yourself or in a Clyfit class.

Learning about the Basics behind Clyfit's philosophy and components with these quick links!

The Last Thing you need to know about Clyfit

Clyfit is the starting point for the Eye of the Rose Vision and Clyfit Community. Through its practice and philosophy, it is creating a movement that will ripple positive impacts into the world to create a sustainable foundation for peace of mind within ourselves and our community.

Check out what our Clyfit Community is doing and look for local classes here!

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