Welcome to ClyFIT

Pause your Mind and Take a Voyage. 

For Those who cannot be still

This was made for YOU.

Let the Voyage Begin!

The three elements of your practice

Voyage Beats and Breathing Rhythm Beats

Voyage Beats-Using landscapes of sound frequencies created in 9 minute lengths to create individual imagination while letting go of ones thoughts. The fusion of time and Binaural Beats first stackable clock of its kind.

Breathing Rhythm Beats- A collection of 3 minute breathing exercises that are created out of a 4-count 1-pause 4-count repeating cadence to create an awareness of your breathing with sound. 

Your Next Voyage Awaits

Voyage Mat

By centering yourself physically and visually, the Voyage Mat creates the space in which you can then follow and flow with the ClyFIT movements. The lines are your check points  on self accuracy and the center of the pho suede 4 mil soft rubber base creation gives you freedom to focus on the practice and therefore being  in the now.. Both physically and mentally. 

Center Yourself

Cly Stik

Your personal Active Mindfulness, Artistically crafted stick which gives you stability in movement, stimulates the visual sense, and allows you to feel the tactile transfer only practiced in ClyFIT. A world first for body and mind!

Complete your Triad

Exclude No one

Deny no person; not anyone; no body.

This is the basis for our entire mantra at ClyFIT.

ClyFIT is a new and different type of exercise that also includes the element of relaxation. To try to explain it is difficult but I highly recommend it for those seeking just a moment, even if brief, of peace. 45 minutes of slow movements cause muscles, tendons, and ligaments to move in a different way and still give you a great workout, while at the same time these same movements cause the mind to drift. The goal for ClyFIT is mindfulness, taking the voyage away from day to day thoughts and life to just have that one moment of peace. As a trainer I was highly skeptical but after a few sessions I fully understood what Steve wanted from this program of fitness and mindfulness. It's a wonderful experience and I highly recommend this to anyone.

Loreece Magsanide | Age 25

Today I participated in a mindful training class, put on by the person who designed it.  It was everything they have said it would be and more.  Upon completion, I was totally relaxed, and felt stretched out, without hurting myself.  It is the best course I have taken in many years.  I will sleep totally relaxed tonight.

Soosie Byrne | Age 77

I consider myself to be a very fit individual; I work out around four to five days per week doing a mix of strength training, cardio, and plyometrics. ClyFIT was a whole new experience compared to anything I had done before. I was a literally skeptical going in as to how much of a "workout" it would be for me. Oh Was I wrong, different areas of my back and shoulders that I had thought I had worked out fairly regularly were sore immediately after as well as the following day. ClyFIT is its own category of exercise.  

Cole Darby | Age 22