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Simplify The Mind-Body Connection

A practice that aligns and moves the body while giving you space and time with your mind.



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Center of Self

Our Community Loves Clyfit!

What I appreciate the most about this is the fact that some of the cues you use in the movement is very close to ASL COMMUNICATION.This is huge. It’s inclusive. And I’m excited to see what more will come of that. The staffs are beautiful. The integrity that goes into making them feels as though there is good energy already present in each . A lot of care was out into this . The movements while your holding the staff are pretty surreal too. Especially with your eyes closed. As a business owner, I’m running constantly. This is a really fun relaxing way to release. I thoroughly approve! 

Kris - To Boldly Go Salon

Exclude No One

Deny no person; not anyone; no body.

Our practice is accessible internally and externally by people of all abilities.

This is the basis for our entire mantra at ClyFIT.

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